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Transform Your Business With Cloud Technology.

Whether you need to build an internet of things platform or a modern enterprise solution, Deltrance can help you work through every phase of building your technology. We handle every aspect of the process - from architecture and infrastructure design to migration and management for any cloud type, delivery model, or technology stack. Our dedicated Solution Architects can guide you through each step with expertise drawn from our years of experience in the software industry.

DevOps Consulting Services
Our AWS and Azure Devops team have expertise to create and deploy Continuous Integration and Delivery processes with SLA based support.
Cloud Migration
We create seamless journey for your cloud migration and adoption to public-private-hybrid cloud.
Cloud Cost optimization
Cloud cost optimization is achieved by identifying key areas accounting for the majority of wasted cloud spend and overruns.

More Scale, Speed & Agility.

Cloud computing solutions can help your business become an enriched and responsive platform as well as efficient entity. Use SaaS to dramatically decrease the level of manual maintenance that's typically required, increase productivity, and improve the end user experience in your business. Implement a PaaS solution to quickly design, deploy, and scale. Lower costs on storage and server infrastructure by using IaaS. Deltrance can help you leverage any solution on the most popular reliable cloud storages.

Cloud computing Services for your every Business need!

  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • SaaS

Cloud Services for your every Business need!

  • Public Cloud
  • Private On-premises Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Multi-cloud

Select Any Model & Stay Flexible.

Your business may rely on multiple cloud models. You want to take advantage of cost reduction opportunities and here's how. The migration to the cloud is key to increasing your profitability without necessary increasing your expenditure. Notwithstanding, make sure that you prioritize safeguarding all customer personal or sensitive data by mixing on-premises and cloud models as it is especially beneficial when it comes to streamlining technological agility or enabling efficient disaster recovery solutions. Moreover, one needs not be concerned about a parallel support infrastructure if running multi-cloud mode of implementation as we at Taber will help you successfully adopt the multiple clouds model in no time flat!

Cloud & Digital Transformation.

Every successful effort towards Digital Transformation relies on Big Data and the fastest way to implement it is on Cloud Technology. Whether you need to manage data for your Machine Learning and Deep Learning models or ingest and process a large volume of IoT events - we can help you create, integrate, and tune the right cloud services as well as ensure continuous operation of a high-load system with Architecture, Implementation, DevOps (software development), Continuous Integration (leveraging popular open source software tools), and Delivery (monitoring code repositories like GitHub)..

Digital Transformation Services for your every Business need!

  • Internet of Things Integration
  • Blockchain Solutions Integration
  • Data Management for AI models
  • Customer Engagement Solutions Integration
  • Augmented Reality Solutions Management
  • Management of Mobile Apps
Data analytics
As a company, we can help you to create reports on AWS Services and also design reports for your needs in Amazon Redshift. We understand how important it is for our clients that their data is always correct and up-to-date. So our services enable you to get the most out of your information.
DevOps is a combination of people, processes and technology working together to get projects finished in time and with high quality. DevOps helps keep things running smoothly as we move through each phase of product development.
Within the next few years, research shows that many enterprise data centers will run using the cloud. Migrating so many applications interwoven with databases, external services, and distributed legacy infrastructure is an extremely daunting task.

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